Every vintage stereo can come back to life and become a multiroom: the gadget is crazy –



A gadget that can revive a vintage stereo? Apparently it exists, and contrary to everything we can think of, it’s not broken at all. What is it, and how much will it cost to buy it, considering all we have to do?

Any vintage stereo can come back to life and become multiroom: the gadget is crazy
We can only be satisfied –

Is it possible to revive your stereo? Yes, but only with this gadget

For many, we believe that letting go of a good old man is really hard Hi-Fi system With separate components, especially if it is of a high level, at the same time everyone now feels the need to have music streaming and possibly multiroom functions available.

However, we don’t have to worry about that anymore thanks to the new Audio Pro Link 2, which has a list price 300 euros, which performs all the music streaming functions for compatibility with Chromecast, AirPlay2, Spotify and Tidal Connect in addition to Bluetooth 4.2. But what other features does it offer?

The most useful tool of the device – we will be surprised

Any vintage stereo can come back to life and become multiroom: the gadget is crazy
This new gadget will be very convenient to have at home –

Thanks to the Audio Pro Control application, it is also possible to have a multiroom using many compatible speakers present in the manufacturer’s catalog. Also, to make a connection Any stereo amplifierWe can find the classic analog RCA output, although there are also digital ones.

You can even control the output volume and even connect a power amp or active speakers directly complete system. In addition to the network connection via cable or via Wi-Fi, continuing, we will also find an analog input that is useful for joining a turntable with another source or integrated phono pre.

As for supported audio formats, however, what can we say? Apparently they stay Simple MP3 Going through Flac, AAC, Apple Lossless and WMA. Of course not an essential part to report since – as a rule – they should already be present, but in any case it seemed right to us to talk about it.

However, the dimensions are not bad at all: to be precise, they are approximately 18 x 4 x 13 cm (W x H x D), which means that they will allow us to insert them easily. Electronic devices In older stereo systems. Finally, to use the Link 2 without the control app, we will find touch buttons on the top panel for the most common operations, with four presets for the most used sources.

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