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One of the highlights of Apple has ideally made a special feature that allows selfies with Apple Watch. Peccato per il prezzo

Make what is possible do selfie with Apple Watch? No, not if there is a new caratteristic dello smartwatch Apple Introduced with the latest updates for watchOS (The operative system was developed from “mela” per line Apple Watch, ndr), but one of the functions that is possible is to read the letter of acquisition – and for the Italian it is not very simple, the menu does not have any other contact with each other and other variations – one special cinturino Realized – neenche a dirlo – da un ex ingegnere Apple.

Il Cinturino Wristcam per scattare photo with Apple Watch (Screenshot YouTube)

Are we confused? In fact the discourse is simple. Un cinturino da montare su Apple Watch Permitting selfies from smartwatch and add-on fare videochiamate tramite Apple Watchadding that due to the functional ulcers and impregnation of the experience with a product that is very complete and affordable, support from the ecosystem of “mela”.

New Apple Accessory Watch: Così è possibly make selfie tramite smartwatch

The problem is what this accessory – if chiama Wristcam – è disponibile soltanto negli Stati Uniti. It has been discovered that Apple has introduced an introverted device with special sensors per se. scatare photos and videos tramite Apple Watch. Come to all the technological, hardware ut inherently a kind of software dialog. If you want to get Apple to do this, you have to make a point – Wristcamnot even dirlo – to install on your iPhone that su Apple Watch per sbloccare the new functions dello smartwatch.

There is no such thing as a complete front accessory, and there is always a small amount of statinite content that can be acquired without entering. sito web di WristCam e insurendo alconune info di contacto (trai qui soprattutto l’inderizzo email) per ottenere in exclusive an access anticipating al product. The fact is that there is a lot of work to be done for affiliate and detection and rendering this special cinturino (although non-proprietary grade statistically) quantumo functional.

Per Take selfie with Apple Watch If you can use it frontal camera with 2 megapixels Insert the cinturino, not to mention the scratch photo from the smartwatch pottery attaching to The main sensor is 8 megapixels. These sensors can easily detect a tap on the WristCam app, clicking on the applet button below the screen.

Volete conoscere il prezzo del Apple Watch new accessory? Non-evolutionary economic: if parla infatti di cifre a Participate in 299 dollars. Would you like to buy an Apple smartwatch, but would you like to have access to Apple’s watch?

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