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Pinterest Launches New ‘TV Studio’ App as it Looks to Expand on its Live Commerce Offerings



Pinterest continues to evolve its video offerings, this time via the launch of a new, separate ‘Pinterest TV Studio’ appwhich is designed to enable live-stream creators to improve their streaming set-ups, with multiple camera capability, improved editing tools and more.

Pinterest TV Studio app

As first reported by TechCrunchPinterest quietly released the new app earlier this week on both the Apple and Google Play storesthough it’s only available to selected users at this time.

As per TechCrunch:

Upon first launch, creators have to enter in a code or scan a barcode that Pinterest provides in order to gain access to the live-streaming tools the app provides. “

So it’s not really released, as such, but it does exist, and it is an operational app for some selected users. That points to the next phase of Pinterest’s video content push, and a likely shift into live-stream shopping, which has become a bigger focus in social media circles over the last two years.

Live-stream shopping is already big business in China, wHere predictions are that live shopping will revenues reach 400 billion in 2022, which is equivalent to almost half of all eCommerce spending in the US last year. In addition, live-stream commerce is also increasingly popular among younger audiences, with users aged 27 and under seeing the fastest adoption of live-stream commerce activity.

That’s caught the attention of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, with each developing their own live-stream shopping approaches, and with this new app, it seems that Pinterest too is keen to jump on live shopping bandwagon, as part of its expanded content push.

The app essentially feeds into Pinterest’s ‘Pinterest TV’ offering, which it first launched in November last year.

Initially airing a collection of live, shoppable episodes, featuring various Pin creators, it seems that Pinterest is looking to expand the initiative even further, likely into a constantly running live-stream of different brands and creators showcasing their content, which can be purchased as you watch.

Given that it’s live, however, Pinterest will also need to vet the broadcasters that it lets into the initiative – so while there is a separate app available for this purpose right now, it’s unclear how long it will take Pinterest to expand access to all users , if it ever does.

Will that be a winner for the app? Again, live-stream commerce is huge in China already, while various US-based influencers are also now seeing Thousands of people tune into their regular commerce-focused broadcasts on TikTok.

It seems like a solid bet, especially with Pinterest’s focus on artisan goods and direct selling, and with the platform too recently noting that video is “a fundamental medium for inspiration and planning”, it definitely seems like it’s going to increase its video focus moving forward.

It could offer big opportunities for eCommerce brands – we’ll keep you updated on any progress.


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