Farewell to this search engine: date confirmed



A news that was unfortunately already up in the air, but which has now become official with a date confirmed. One of the historic and most used search engines will soon be decommissioned forever, here’s what the roadmap will look like

Represents the search engine A symbol of what the Internet was and has become, as well as one of the most used tools on a daily basis by users around the world. There are several, from Chrome A Mojila Go from one side to the other Safari e Microsoft Edge. All developed according to a specific strategy and which now goes beyond simple keyword research.

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One of the leading search engines is preparing to say goodbye forever to the world of the Internet as we know it (Adobe Stock)

exist Extensions, Bookmarks, Favorites and many other goodies that allow consumers to always have everything at hand. Depends on your preferences and habits. side by side Customization, on which, especially in recent times, openly decided to focus. However, there is no shortage of bad news related to this sector, above all concerns Farewell to one of the search engines marked in history.

Goodbye search engines, there is an official deactivation date

A piece of history that is preparing to be gone forever. Now it has come too formal confirmation, complete with a date after which it will no longer be possible to use the search engine A difficult but practically compelling choice, consider A very small percentage of users who are still used to using it. It is less than 1%, favoring increasingly intense and complete competition in equipment.

Internet 20221219 cellulari.it 3
Internet Explorer will stop working on February 14, 2023 (Adobe Stock)

That’s what we’re talking about Internet Explorer, whose support already ended last summer and which is now preparing to leave every Windows computer forever According to what was officially announced, the date chosen for the final removal is February 14, 2023. So still a few weeks before even the most loyal users will be forced to say goodbye to a true symbol of the dawn of the Internet as we know it today. Looks like there will be one Microsoft Edge Update To specify the change, therefore, without updating the Microsoft operating system. Platform numbering is a virtually mandatory handover, but still painful for what Internet Explorer has been able to deliver over the years.


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