FIFA 23 simulation can predict that Lionel Messi will crown Argentina




of the world Qatar With only a short time to go, and to test the waters, some have created simulated matches FIFA 23 To see who has the chance to take the cup home. And now, it appears that there will be no less than a possible opponent to win the title Argentina con Lionel messi to be conducted.

Using the game and detailed player ratings for various game modes EA Sports World CupAll 64 matches are played from the group stage to the final to decide it Lionel messi And the company is destined for glory. Furthermore, according to E.A sport, messi will win The Golden Boot And golden ball To be the best player.

It is worth commenting on that fifa It has an impressive track record when it comes to successfully predicting World Cup winners. They have done similar simulations before the glasses 2010, 2014 y 2018And each time they picked the correct winner of the tournament, with spain , Germany y FranceLike everyone’s champions.

EA SPORTS has done well since 2010. See how the FIFA World Cup unfolded in the #FIFA23 simulation and give your opinion.

Remember that fifa 23 Available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y PC.

Through: ESPN


Publisher’s Note: After such a reputation with simulation, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Argentina came out as the better team in the end. After all the performances they showed it in the national league.


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