Foldables out again? LG unveils the first stretchable display



Over the past few years, the foldable has slowly but surely established an alternative design to the classic smartphone. Technological advances are still accompanied by such high prices that the general public has hardly changed. I believe, however, that will change in the next few years.

This is mainly due to the fact that companies are making great leaps in their development, opening up a whole new world. One of them was recently acquired by LG, which reportedly withdrew from the smartphone market some time ago. Although shortly before their end, they were known for innovative display solutions like the LG Rollable.

According to LG, it has introduced the world’s first high-resolution, stretchable 12-inch display. It is equipped with an outstanding free-form technology that makes it possible to stretch, fold and twist the display without distorting or damaging it.

Extends up to 14 inches

The company’s newly introduced stretchable display is the first in the industry to achieve 20 percent stretchability, 100 ppi resolution and full-color RGB. The high degree of flexibility, longevity and reliability provide the perfect conditions for commercialization – the idea should not gather dust in some developer’s drawer, as it often does.

The 12-inch display is based on a highly elastic, foil-like substrate made from special silicon used in contact lenses. It has rubber band-like flexibility that allows it to stretch up to 14 inches.

LG Stretch on Play Hero 2

May stick to skin, clothing and aircraft

According to LG, the thin, light design opens the door to a variety of everyday situations. It can be easily attached to curved surfaces such as skin, clothing, furniture, cars and airplanes. “This unique innovation expands display possibilities in various industries such as fashion, wearables, mobility and gaming,” the South Koreans said.

According to the report, LG Display’s stretch screen is the result of a large-scale national research and development project that South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has assigned the company to lead in 2020. Press release Since then, the company has been working with twenty organizations from South Korea’s industrial and academic sectors to drive South Korea’s next-generation display industry.


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