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Twenty-five years ago, in October 1997, Ensemble Studio The launch surprised the world Age of EmpireA real-time strategy title for the computer where it was possible to choose from twelve civilizations in a playable timeline of 3,000 years.

At the beginning of this story, Microsoft It was in charge of distribution and decided to acquire the study in question in 2001, but its existence did not last more than eight years when it was declared terminated after its development was completed. hello war.

Age of Empire It has become a benchmark in the entertainment industry, selling over 25 million units across four major and multiple deliveries spin-offHighlighting: Age of mythology, Age of Myth: Titans, Age of Empires: Age of Kings y Age of Empires: Mythology.

The iconic franchise has established itself as a benchmark in its genre, providing a large-scale historical context and constantly innovating related processes. Artificial intelligenceAllows for a more fluid gameplay campaign and avoids cheating actions

Over the past decade, Age of Empire Got several specific versions, but it wasn’t until a year ago Microsoft It decided to strongly promote this intellectual property again with the debut of the fourth part, which renewed the graphics and was very well received by critics.

To commemorate its silver anniversary, the Redmond tech giant announced this Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Prepare your landing Xbox Series X|S y game pass On January 31, 2023, when Age of Empires IV Will do the same all year round.

Such a transformation would be compatible with both control As with the home console Keyboard y MouseAs per the current trend, there will be cross-play between different platforms to create a more inclusive experience without leaving it aside.

As if that wasn’t enough, he showed up Age of Mythology RetoldThe return of the classics spin-off That would be a remastering to celebrate its greatness in style. It is expected to make its way to personal computers first and systems later Xbox.

Currently, Microsoft enjoying a good moment and giving new life to iconic sagas in its business portfolio, just as it did Age of Empire And with its future free updates Fallout 4Indicates that this practice will continue and will appeal to nostalgia and bet to the latest generation Gamer.


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