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Are you going on vacation, perhaps for a gorgeous beach washed by a crystal sea? OK, then you need to test these technical gadgets first. This is a series of accessories that can make you very comfortable on your “beach” holiday and above all at a very low price, as we will never exceed 20 euros.

Technical gadgets for the beach and the sea, 30/6/2022 –

Waterproof case for smartphones and much more

Are you ready for this ride “must” the technology accessories for the beach? Let’s start with a great classic, which is completely technical but which allows us to protect our smartphones, as a result we must name it. Mention a Comfortable waterproof case In which you can insert your device while going into the water, it will get wet without fear. We have chosen two models for you: a classic, sold in two pieces and another a As a handbag / pouchYour choice.

Waterproof smartphone case, 2 pieces, 14.95 euros
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Waterproof bag, 2 pieces, at 11.99 euros
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Cable, key and SD holder case … and towel holder

We are in tech and non-tech cases, to present you two more interesting beach gadgets. The first one is Very comfortable case Which may be particularly useful for transportation USB stick, wire, wire, microSD And so, everything you need to manage / recharge your smartphone, as well as your video camera, camera and much more. Below, however, you can find a very comfortable one Amazon brand microfiber towelsComplete Very comfortable case, So that it can be transported very easily. Also in this case we are under 20 euros in both cases.

Key, case for cable, microSD, 9.49 euros
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16.14 euros, including Eono microfiber towel case, -15%
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Umbrella hanger

Another simple accessory for the beach, the gagdet that you will find very useful, is this Hooks for parasols, Decorated with 4 different plastic poles, sold in two packets. You can attach it to your umbrella Hang everything you want it to Do not waste it in the beach bag.

Umbrella hook € 10.99
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EONO by Amazon Bluetooth Speaker: What a sound!

Now let’s list the most tech gadgets for the beach starting from comfortable Iono brand Bluetooth speakers, an Amazon brand, Its complete with sound technology Herman. The model has excellent reviews, and the sound quality is particularly surprising despite its small size. Price? Alone 16.90 Euro, A super opportunity.

Amazon’s Eono – Bluetooth speaker, with Herman sound technology, for 16.90 euros
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Want music? There are Bluetooth headphones here

We are in the music and sound field, with excellent wireless earphones, wireless Bluetooth 5.1 headphones, full in-ear model with microphone, touch control, battery lasting 24 hours and IPX6 waterproof. These are compatible with almost every smartphone and are selling for 19.99 euros with a 10 euro discount.

Cuffie Bluetooth 5.1 Soicear a 19.99 euro, -33%
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A convenient powerbank for your device

One thing that absolutely can’t be missed on the beach and the sea A power bank, Extra charges for your smartphone and much more. In this case we have chosen a model of Iniu brand, ultra-thin and light, with Amazon’s Choice product. 10,000 mAh powerDouble 3A high speed output, USB-CT port, selling for 19.99 euros.

Power Bank, INIU Ultra Thin at 19.99 Euros
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128GB USB key, magnetic mobile phone holder and 3 in 1 charging cable

We continue with three more gadgets which are very convenient at the time VoyageStart with a gorgeous one 128 GB USB stickSuitable for listening to your favorite music in the car, sold for just over 10 euros. Attention to a very good one Magnetic cell phone holder For cars, a universal product, so suitable for every phone, with 360 degree rotation, for sale only 9.90 euros. To finish the trip, see Three-in-one charging wire, If you want to recharge your smartphone in the car, it can be iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and many more.

USB Type-C Key 128GB 10.19 Euro, -15%
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Universal magnetic car mobile phone holder for 9.90 euros
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Multi charging cable 3 in 19.78 euros
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Extra, comfortable sneaker cleaner by Philips

We close with an extra, which isn’t really a beach and sea gadget, but it can be very useful during your vacation. It is a device that serves for that Clean your shoes Branded Phillips. Depending on the surface we are going to clean it is equipped with three different interchangeable brushes, and it is very easy to use: just soak the brush with a little soap and water, then the offensive surface will need to be brushed. It has 500 rotations per minute and runs on a 4 AA battery. If you go to the beach after shoes and you want to clean your sneakers so as not to drop a single grain of sand, this is the right product for you.

Philips Clean Shoes 24.35 Euro, -19%
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