George RR Martin couldn’t play Elden Ring because of this



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No doubt one of the best video games of the year Elden RingA title where open world exploration meets well-rated mechanics Dark Souls. One of the main participants in the game George RR MartinThe author of the great work who, despite being a collaborator, has not yet been able to play it.

In a new interview late show con Stephen Colbert asked Martin related to Elden Ring and your own contribution. Martin He explained that much of his work on the game was done years before the world it happened to. But when asked whether he played or not, he said, Martin He basically said he was trying to finish the teeHe is the winter windOne of his later books.

Here is his comment:

I haven’t played it, because people seem to want the wind of winter. And I, unfortunately, have a completely addictive personality. I played video games a long time ago. I played games like Railroad Tycoon, Master of Orion and Homeworld and got sucked in. Weeks, months passed. And I was sitting there in my red flannel bathrobe and I was thinking, ‘One more game, one more game.’

its functions Martin Taking on a lot more relevance over time, it makes sense that he’s focusing on the next volume so that it becomes one a few days after its release. Best selling. So he’s going to take the time to test the video game he’s created from the software.

Remember that Elden Ring Available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Publisher’s Note: This is not new in the world of video games, as there are even voice actors who have never tried the roles they took part in. Furthermore, it is understood that he has no playing time for now.


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