Get ready, today we have an awesome announcement for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet



It wouldn’t be a normal week as a Nintendo fan without more announcements Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Now that’s news, isn’t it? To stay on top of the brand, The Pokemon Company announced that more details will be revealed today.

After sharing the chilling acronym above – which left a single trainer feeling intimidated by the gengar’s terrifying presence – the Pokemon Company was formed. Mysterious live broadcast for days (25. October) inside 14:00 GMT / 15:00 MEZ / 9:00 ESTJust the title “???”.

While it’s unclear at this point what the revelations will entail, the close connection to the ghost genre leads us to suspect that there will be another “soon to be revealed” this season that will turn out to be scary.

We’ll be here to break down everything in the ad. that last proof This has us focused on Bellybolt, so let’s hope today brings us another Halloween Mania!


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