Goodbye Twitter, here comes Mastodon: the new social network where many users are leaving –



Is Twitter shaking? Elon Musk’s takeover doesn’t just seem like the best, but another social network could soon take its place.

Goodbye Twitter, here comes Mastodon, the new social network where many users are moving
It is important to discover social networks of this caliber –

Twitter no longer dominates: Now there’s another social network that can overtake it

There are many Twitter users who are considering giving up the application to reach out to Mastodon, a free and open-source software developed by a non-profit organization based on the homonyms. Social media Decentralized microblogging, which seems to have a lot in common with Twitter, among other things.

And despite this, the blue app still achieved some success, as it grew by 120,000 units. It’s an exponential growth, sure, but Mastodon has done better than its users
They will even go as far 230.000The total exceeded 863,000 monthly active users with 3,550 servers up and running for the first time.

The mastodon and its history

Goodbye Twitter, here comes Mastodon, the new social network where many users are moving
Mastodon could be the Twitter of the future –

But when did this application appear? It was founded in 2016 Eugene Rochko, aiming to create a platform similar to Twitter but more democratic. We are talking about a series of separate servers, where users can communicate with each other even if they are on different servers, but it is always the client who defines the rules which, in this case, are not imposed on anyone.

He speaks better of it the founder itself, which lets us know that: “We’ve attracted the kind of people who moderate hate speech while running their own servers. On our websites and applications, we provide a predefined list of curated servers for people to create accounts. And, with that, we make sure to curate the list so that any server that wants to be promoted by us must agree to a certain set of rules, one of which is that no hate speech is allowed, no sexism, no racism, no homophobia. or transphobia

Mastodon offers audio, movies, posts, polls, avatars and emojis, but also other features such as edit key In this case. What makes it “funny” is that there is a specific text that reads “Social networking that is not for sale“, which is nothing more than a clear provocation addressed to Elon Musk, inviting those who are dissatisfied with Twitter to try a platform without algorithms.

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