Google has a problem: many pixel buyers are dissatisfied


We have been repeatedly accused of exaggerating the problems of the Pixel 6 series. However, a survey shows how dissatisfied consumers actually are.

In the meantime, all the serious issues with the Pixel 6 cell phone have actually been eliminated. But there were months when things got really bad for Google. You had to provide updates with delays and then shut them down completely at some point. There were really serious problems, some people had very little cell phone reception, Bluetooth didn’t work properly and much more.

All the big problems took a while to settle. Google even fixed some bugs several months later. Of course, such issues put pressure on the mind of the buyer. There were some very dissatisfied customers with us in the comments column. But do you also see that when it comes to surveys it comes down to which manufacturer the next phone should be?

Google has pushed its Pixel 6 customer satisfaction into the basement

Theoretically yes, if you believe the new data. When it comes to loyalty, Google currently has the worst scores among the top five smartphone brands in the United States. Worse than LG, which doesn’t offer any new devices. More than a third of those surveyed will be determined to buy their next smartphone from another brand.

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Of course, this is only a survey. Not really anymore. But these serious bugs can cause long-term distrust, especially for slightly less experienced users. Because what if the next generation just comes up with serious mistakes? What we consider unlikely, because the new processor will then be second generation, will not be on the radar of many customers.

How do you feel about it, do mistakes scare you in the long run or can you forget again this time?

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