Google Pixel 7A: Can we expect more than just a device?



Amazon gives first hint of Pixel 7a series

Could the Google Pixel 7a arrive sooner than expected? At least the shipping giant gave the first indication of the upcoming launch. But it’s more interesting that the online retailer is talking about “announcement of Google Pixel 7a family launch”. So we’re expecting multiple devices?

die Google Pixel 7-Series Still pretty young: the devices have been available for purchase in local and online stores since mid-October. In the long run, however, it shouldn’t just stay with the two smartphone models of the 7th generation. The rumor mill has long been talking about a Pixel 7 “Lynx,” which could appear as an Ultra or Mini model. Also Pixel 7a-series, as a cheap addition, is expected for next year. Amazon is now giving the first hint of the latter.

According to a report GSMArena Shows that you can already register for “Google Pixel 7a Family Launch Announcement”. The mention of one is particularly interesting here Pixel 7a “Family”. Accordingly, Google may plan for multiple devices. An additional publication would be obvious XL-smartphone, which has a slightly larger display. Until now, there was only one model in each of the A series.

However, this note should be used with caution, as it could be an error on Amazon’s part. In the description, the retailer also mentions an upcoming smartwatch, which is said to be launched as the Google Pixel Watch. A closer release seems similarly unlikely, since the Pixel 6a (test) is only available from May 2022.

Old rumors previously talked about a slightly earlier release. Accordingly, the Pixel 7a should appear in early 2023. under that Codename “Felix” Advanced smartphones will probably be one 6 or 6.1 inch display Depends on itself and the Tensor G2 chip. Google probably plans to produce around 4 million units.


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