Google, the innovation that revolutionized the telephone: it will save all users



New features are coming, and what will be added now is completely unique. What news should we prepare for and what specifically will change?

Google is once again lining our pockets with another very important update. As in other areas, it will be essential to be able to improve the integrity of a particular service, perhaps one that tends to be used much more than we might think.

Google Chrome Android 1
We all use this browser –

Apps at Mountain View House are by no means lacking, and to make matters worse, they continue to grow Google Reach the next level day by day. Updates can be easily seen from the chatlog of the source from which we download the file and from the official website of the company, which keeps us very much informed about it.

Know how much a product costs in real time?

All of them, each time, have the clear objective of rapidly improving Google’s service in general included Chrome, which we understand has changed a lot this year. It will undergo other changes soon, and they won’t be as subtle as we might think: here’s what you need to know about the update that just went public.

Google Chrome Android 121
Google Chrome is Google’s trump card –

Google’s update will allow you to track an expense specific item directly from the browser. It was already present at the beginning of December and then, as we have seen, it was able to successfully reach Android. And thanks to this integration, the activation is fast because to monitor it go to the product page and press the button with the bell icon next to the address bar.

Please note that this feature is not limited to a specific store, it also allows users to monitor the price of the same product. Several online stores At the same time, users will receive a notification by e-mail about possible price reductions on any site, so that they can make a timely decision on what to buy and how to do it.

Currently the option is only available in America, but it’s clear to think that it will be coming soon as well. Italy. We don’t know when this will happen, but nothing prevents us from believing that it won’t be long before we see it in circulation. It is very useful and it is likely that, for this reason, there will be a little wait: are you ready to get it in a short time and above all, without a long wait?


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