Here is the trick to avoid making any wrong chats on WhatsApp Try it and it will change your life



The Internet has undoubtedly revolutionized our lives, and as it has shifted from computers to mobile phones, the revolution has been immense. The ability to connect to the web through your smartphone has allowed millions of people to interact and perform all kinds of activities wherever you are. But the turning point definitely came with the invention of chat and social networks.

Instant messaging services have certainly taken a historic step forward in using both the Internet and mobile phones, making it possible to communicate in real time, offering the possibility of exchanging both audio and video messages, and being able to create videos. The entry of the Call instant messaging app, which only requires an Internet connection, replaced the SMS service that was most used for communication until then (the short message did not have all the functionality, both audio and video, that the new app has) .

WhatsApp (Web Source)
WhatsApp (Web Source)

Of the instant messaging services, of course the most famous and most used is WhatsApp, the app most Italians now use both for communication and work. In fact, more and more professionals rely on chat to share even important files or documents.

WhatsApp, how to prevent errors

WhatsApp bought Meta, the company that owns Facebook and is owned by Mark Zuckerberg. The instant messaging service is used by millions of people, and is also a favorite for its constant updates that make its use more efficient.

Although the arrival of WhatsApp has greatly helped people to communicate and simplified many activities, on the other hand, the faster mode of transmission and communication can make us. Often fall into mistakes. Not surprisingly, app developers have increasingly focused on ensuring privacy and helping in some way to avoid or remedy mistakes as much as possible.

No Mistakes (Web Source)
No Mistakes (Web Source)

The most common mistake that you read is that, thanks to the speed and sometimes lack of attention, of Send message to wrong chat. Unfortunately, we all know, if at this moment Message startedYou can only proceed withBut deleted visible in chat text; A trick instead is if the message, for example, is still being sent, see if the message hasn’t started by entering Air Mode (which will prevent us from delivering the message) and proceeding immediately with cancellation.

It often happens to send a photo to the wrong contact, now the app shows you the name of the person you are sending the photo to, and this can facilitate not falling into mistakes, especially the practice that we often pass for chatting with each other. On the other hand, if we have to send an audio tone, now wa gives us the opportunity to listen to it again and not send it automatically, if we don’t want to send the message or have a second thought to avoid making a mistake.

When you start recording in the chat you want to send audio to and return to the original WhatsApp home page, the audio will remain in memory in the chat; By returning to the chat where the audio was recorded, it can be found and listened to again before being sent, or discarded.


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