All the news that will reach your live mobile with Android 13 and FuntouchOS 13



Your live mobile will be updated to Android 13 soon and you will be able to find these news.

All the news that will reach your live mobile with Android 13 and FuntouchOS 13

It was one of the few brands to announce it New customization layer based on Android 13but vivo has met, and has already made its big update official FunTouch OSWith a large number of innovations that will reach the devices that make up its catalog for several months.

Funtouch OS 13 is the version of the brand’s operating system based on Android 13, with significant aesthetic changes, performance improvements and other new features of the company. announced through its official website.

FuntouchOS 13

Funtouch OS 13 is the latest version of Vivo’s operating system, based on Android 13.

Funtouch OS introduces support for Material U, camera improvements and more news

The most important change introduced by Funtouch OS 13 based on Android 13 is Components support for you and its dynamic themesBeing able to completely change the aesthetics of the system and application Create a color palette Based on user-defined wallpaper colors.

Similarly, in vivo gives potential Choose from a predefined color palette to apply them to the entire user interface. Home screen widgets and icons Those who match the wallpaper color will also be affected by this color change.

FuntouchOS 13 icons and widgets

FuntouchOS 13 icons and widgets will also change their appearance to match the system color.

Vivo is trying to be one Mobile Photography ReferenceThrough phones like the vivo X80 Pro. But a good camera is not enough Good app to go with them. Fortunately, the Chinese company continues to operate Build a more complete and intuitive camera appAnd a new one in this version of FuntouchOS Integrated layer in the viewfinderwhich lets you know if the images are perfectly horizontal

Also Stabilizer ring Prevents unwanted movement, and Focus ring Makes it easy to find the desired focus point in the scene.

Camera app interface on a vivo mobile with FuntouchOS 13.

The revamped FuntouchOS 13 camera app interface.

In this sense, moreover, new Brightness, contrast and exposure controlsAnd the built-in video editor in the Gallery app has been enhanced with new options, viz Mute a video completely Or adjust the volume on each segment of the clip.

The The Gallery app has introduced an option to hide some photos and videosAnd a new one has been added “Active Application Manager” Inherited from Android 13, which lets you know What apps are running in the background?.

FuntouchOS 13 also introduces other convenient new features, such as a New additions to Weather app which allows you to check Real time air quality.

Air quality in FuntouchOS 13

FuntouchOS 13 lets you check the air quality in real time with the weather app.

Vivo has also launched a new version of the software Improving accessibility and performance. For now, yes, the company It has not revealed which mobile is getting the update In the latest version of Google’s operating system. However, knowing the company and its history, you probably won’t have to wait too long to see the first phones updated to Android 13 with all the news announced today.


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