They note the outrage with Alan Wake Remastered on its Switch version




A few days ago its version Alan Wake Remastered for Nintendo SwitchWhich has two different controversies, the first is related to price, because at least in stores Mexico They were wrong and put it at one dollar. Second and more importantly, covers that this port was not entirely satisfactory for fans.

Known as a user through a video ElAnalistadeBitsIt was revealed that the game fared poorly compared to consoles like the Xbox One, showing that on the device Microsoft Very good run. This is even more noticeable when considering that the supposed 30 frames per second are constantly dropping to 20, without much stability.

Here’s the video:

As for its resolution Alan Wake Remastered, It’s confirmed that it doesn’t even reach 1080p, specifically it’s around 1056x594p in television format, which isn’t quite as demanding. For its part, the portable part reaches 704x396p and this means that the hybrid does not reach the maximum potential obtained on its screen.

For now, it is not recommended to get the video game until a patch that gives it better stability is confirmed. Well, it reached the most acceptable performance on other consoles.

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