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Month after month is the dream of all fans Chainsaw Man has been filled. As expected, a new trailer for the long-awaited anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work has been released today. Thus, a more specific release date was finally provided, and Actors who will participate in this project have been revealed.

At the outset, it has been confirmed that of anime Chainsaw Man The campaign will start in October this year. However, at this point the exact date where we will see Denji and company in action is unknown. Likewise, these are the actors who will take part in the adaptation:

-Denji: Kikunosuke Towa

-Makima: Tomori Kusunoki

-Aki Hayakawa: Shogo Sakata

– Power: Fairuz A

From this list, the name that stands out the most is Fairouz Ai, who currently stars as Jolyne in the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. Along with this, the anime’s official synopsis was shared:

“Denzie was a small-time demon hunter trying to survive in a harsh world. After being killed on the job, he is revived by Pochita, his pet dog, who becomes something new and dangerous: Chainsaw Man!

remember, of anime Chainsaw Man Finally available next October. On a related note, here we tell you where you can watch this adaptation. Likewise, manga Chainsaw Man is back


Editor’s note:

I can’t wait to watch the anime Chainsaw Man. I have full confidence in MAPPA’s ability to create a fantastic adaptation, and although the selection of voice actors is not that famous, there are talents that will definitely invest all their passion in this project.


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