Here’s why you shouldn’t share your password



Nowadays with the digital age things are getting complicated as there are hundreds of sites and services that people join which require them to create different passwords. However, sometimes some users tend to share what they say with trusted people, which is a very bad idea, for the following reasons. According to a study conducted by Avast, many people who are in a relationship as a couple still know their access passwords, which are to work emails, Netflix accounts and more, despite not having a link. This means that it is theoretically illegal to continue counting on benefits, even if they are sensitive issues or company accounts.
Password Managers: Are They Really Secure?
So, the disadvantages of sharing passwords with relatives are listed. It is as follows: – Access is granted to the information contained in that account. – By repeating passwords, access to multiple accounts is granted at the same time. – You can never be 100% sure that whoever has the password will use it correctly. – Not everyone is equally prudent when it comes to saving passwords. – Passwords can fall into the wrong hands. And not by direct blame. – Using someone else’s account involves doing something on their behalf. – They can cancel an account without doing anything or knowing who did it. – By sharing a password, they can make purchases on your behalf. Hence, carrying out such practices can be very dangerous. Beyond family issues, there are also tax related issues, as private accountants may ask for SAT passwords to generate invoices and pay taxes, among other issues. So it is better to look for fully certified managers. Ultimately, sharing information depends on the source person. Via: Avast
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