Hideki Kamiya’s account has disappeared from social networks




For yesterday was quite controversial Platinum Games And Hideki Kamiya, director of the studio, as the actress who previously voiced the witch Umbra uploaded a video inviting people not to buy the game. Confirmed that he is being underpaid for the prestige the franchise has at the moment.

Thus, his own Kamiya He gave an answer that could be interpreted as rude, much to the chagrin of some followers who were expecting the voice we all already know. And it only took a few hours to make the account Twitter It is not really known whether the creator of the story was deactivated, he suspended it himself, or due to user reports.

video Helena Taylor Set off the alarm in a negative way, from the name Platinum Games As a developer, and creator of important franchises viz Devil May Cry, the eyes and of course, Bayonetta. Although many agree with the actress, as the amount they paid her is reported to be less than other games and games. Smash Bros. of Will be y final.

Bayonetta 3 It launches on Nintendo Switch on October 28.

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Publisher’s Note: This topic is quite subtle, as it is about the disappearance of one of gaming’s great directors, the same one who brought great franchises to life. Perhaps his method of replying was not adequate, but knocking his account with the report was probably too much. Still, both Platinum Games and the actress are questionable in their work.


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