Hideo Kojima wanted to compete against the Metal Gear Solid boss for two weeks


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Hideo Kojima’s new podcast isn’t for everyoneFortunately, we’re not the only place for stories about the development of games he’s worked on. So about a very disturbing idea Metal Gear Solid 3.

Its last episode Do you know the game?– only reprized by Snake’s original voice actor David Hayter – based on information revealed in an old interview about content omitted from the series (great love for the quote from Hyper) and books. There are things about the guns that were very exciting, story elements that were never done, and gameplay that was cut and then turned into cinematic scenes.

However, the funniest and most interesting part of the video is about the planned boss fight Metal Gear Solid 3Started testing and then it got so bad by the developers Kojima scolded him. This is the story above Kotaku A.U:

As history says, time to produce Metal Gear Solid 3Kojima was impressed by the work of writer Stephen Hunter, who wrote Chief Sniper And point of impactIt was about snipers who holed themselves up in the mountains and slowly tried to snipe each other. Kojima had the idea that The End’s snake boss fight should be as close to a real sniper fight as possible and play out in real time over two weeks. The player must use their surroundings to hide and stay still, search a vast area for clues to determine where The End is hiding, and once found, prepare the perfect shot. Again, this will end A real two weeks.

The crazy thing is that this boss fight has already reached the prototype stage. It was a real part of a playable build at one point. However, when it came time for a battle test, none of the players could find any sign of the old man. Many players have spent hours searching for The End and nothing has turned up, effectively stalling their progress in the game. The team found the fight so boring that they started berating Kojima, convincing him to abandon the idea altogether.

I’d like to believe that this is the entire experience of working with Kojima condensed into an anecdote. You can watch the full video below; Maybe you already know some of it, or maybe like me you know nothing and it’s 42 minutes of really interesting stuff!

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