How does Twitter Note work and has a character limit?


(Pocket-Lint) – Twitter has announced that its latest feature – Notes – is a new way for users to “write more”. Here’s what you need to know about Twitter notes, including how to start creating one if you have access to the feature. We’ve also included live examples of what notes look like on Twitter right now.

What is a Twitter note?

Twitter Notes has announced – a new long-form blogging feature – complete with a tweet, two separate GIFs shared that show how the feature works on mobile and the web. You can see them below:

For countries where Twitter is testing notes, Twitter says you’ll see a “note card” in your home timeline if you follow someone taking the test (or if someone follows retweets, quotes a tweet, or shares a link to a note). . You can interact with a note tweet in the same way you would a regular tweet However, it is not possible to respond to the article in the note.

How do Twitter notes work?

Twitter notes are not yet available to everyone When it rolls out more broadly, it may look and act differently than when Twitter first announced it.

Start writing notes

  1. Open Twitter and log in to your account.
  2. Click “Write” at the bottom of the messages in the left navigation menu
  3. The writing screen will appear with all your drafts and the option to compose a new note.
  4. When creating a note, you will see:
    • A text formatting ribbon
    • Ability to add a cover photo
    • Options to insert media, gifts, and tweets, attach links, and so on.
  5. Once done, you can publish the note by embedding it in a tweet.

Yes, you can edit it once it’s published But readers will be able to say that a note has been edited by an edited label at the top

Find and read the notes

  1. Open Twitter and log in to your account.
  2. Find notes in your home timeline (shared by people you follow)
    • If you see one, you’ll be able to read it without Twitter.
  3. You can navigate to their profile to read a user’s published notes under the New Notes tab.

Share notes

  1. Open Twitter and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the note.
  3. Select the share icon.
  4. Copy the link or send it via direct message.
  5. You can retweet and quote tweet notes in your timeline.

Is there a word or character limit?

A title is limited to 100 characters, and the main body of a note is limited to 2,500 words.


Want to see examples of Twitter notes?

Some people have already posted notes on Twitter. These appear as long-form text posts with tweets, videos and images. Below are some examples:

Who can create Twitter notes?

As of June 2022, Twitter is testing notes with a limited group of users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ghana. It is planning to gradually increase the number of people.

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Who can read Twitter notes?

As of June 2022, Twitter says people in “most countries” will be able to read notes whether they use Twitter or not.

Want to know more?

See Twitter’s support hub for more information Twitter notes.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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