How to mute family member’s iPhone alarm


Thanks to Voice Assistant Siri, you can mute family members’ iPhone alarms without getting up or physically interacting with the device.

You know it’s possible Turn off the alarm on nearby iPhone? LawApple ecosystem This special need has also been considered, which in some cases may become a mere necessity for those who are constantly disturbed by the sound alert emitted by a device left at home.

How to mute a nearby iPhone alarm related to a shared family member (Unsplash)

In fact, how many times has the alarm of A been heard? Apple device (IPhone or iPad) A member of our family, who has moved away from home? As explained RedditThanks Near the virtual assistant Siri, We can simply disable the alarm on a smartphone or tablet using a convenient voice command. So there is no need to unlock the device, or get up from the sofa or bed to operate.

However, some general conditions must be met Apples Properly arranged to prevent third parties from abusing this possibility and therefore arbitrarily disabling – perhaps to make a bad joke – an iPhone alarm nearby. First, the device (iPhone or iPad) must be owned by a user who previously “In the family”: This is the only way to mute the alarm on a nearby iPhone. Second, it is also necessary Both devices (I.e. the alarm clock is active and ringing and from which the request was made via Siri Voice Assistant) Same Wi-Fi network.

How to use Siri to mute iPhone alarm

Mute nearby iPhone alarms
Siri Assistant allows you to mute an iPhone alarm from Family Group (Unsplash)

The operation is quite intuitive and who is using it Siri He should not have too much difficulty. In fact, as soon as you set the alarm on a family member’s Apple device ring, all you need to do is use the following command: “Hey Siri, turn off the alarm on Goofy’s iPhone“Obviously, you need to calibrate the sentence based on the context by replacing the device owner’s name (which in our case is Pippo) with the name of your family member. IPadJust remember to say iPad instead of iPhone.

Since this is a change to an already programmed setting, Apple Voice Assistant needs to be confirmed. After we utter the command reported above, Siri will ask the user to confirm that the alarm sounding on the iPhone will be stopped. Also in this case, as a “co-answer”, something complicated should not be doneYesOr aNo.

This same operation can be performed directly by a Homepod Nearby Siri Voice Assistant is on.

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