IDIQ Announces Partnership with Updater to Bring Resident-Link Rental Reporting to Millions of Consumers


The company will use the transfer technology platform for rent reporting services

Temecula, California, June 22, 2022IDIQAn industry leader in identity theft protection and credit report monitoring, today announced a new strategic partnership with Updater, the leading transfer technology platform in the multi-family housing industry.

This new partnership allows IDIQ to bring its resident-linked products to millions of households using updater relocation technology. IDIQ acquired Resident-Link in February 2022 and is rapidly expanding the service to the rental community to help consumers establish and build their credit as well as provide identity theft protection and credit report monitoring. A key aspect of a resident-linked product is the reporting of rental information as a credit tradeline for each consumer, so timely rental payments can positively affect credit scores.

The IDIQ and Updater partnership comes at a time when not only is Resident-Link expanding rapidly but the demand for rent reporting by residents is also increasing.

John Bauer, IDIQ president and chief revenue officer, said the new partnership gives residents access to resident-linked rental reports at their fingertips.

“This partnership makes it easier and simpler for residents to take advantage of rental reporting in their initial steps,” Bauer said. “Updater’s unique and innovative approach to the move-in process is fully aligned with our goals of financial inclusion, financial empowerment and empowering consumers, helping them with their financial position.”

For Updater, the new partnership provides rental reporting services to help improve the experience of residents on the platform that can positively impact credit scores with additional features of identity theft protection.

“We are excited to partner with IDIQ and bring these essential benefits to residents,” said Ash Bell, Update Vice President. “We focus on providing our users with the products and services they need, so it makes perfect sense to add rental reports to the list of services we support.”

IDIQ also focuses on providing services and solutions as a key area of ​​sales expansion and growth in the residential real estate and multi-family housing industries. The company has previously announced its new team to run resident-linked products and brands, including industry veterans Nicky Bohl, Brian Doherty and Sherry Hubbler.

IDIQ is one of the fastest growing companies in America. The 5,000 list includes two in a row, including Microsoft, Patagonia, Intuit and Under Armor. Over the past year, the company has seen a significant increase in its active customers on the platform, which has led to record revenue. In addition, over the past year the company has hired more than 125 employees to meet the growing demand of consumers for credit report and identity theft monitoring.

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