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Ikea looks to the present and at the same time to the future and continues to present products in line with the times: technology, home automation and smart home. The new hub that the Swedish multinational is about to debut, with a special name, read Dirigera, should be read in this light.

Ikea Dirigera, 5/10/2022 –

It is not in the market yet, it will probably come next month November According to rumors, and its launch should also take place in Italy, not only in the “already announced” Germany and Norway. The Dirigera hub was unveiled last May, and rumors have grown in recent weeks that November is the right time for its actual launch. Confirmation on this comes from the TechGamingReport newspaper, which found Dirigera at an indicative price in a German Ikea store. 59.99 euros. This was followed by another confirmation from The Verge, which identified the same hub needle Spanish and Norwegian sites Of the furniture company, albeit at a high price, 69.99 euros to be exact, in addition to the release date (November 2022). According to what Hdblog.it pointed out, the new hub will be able to Manage more products and devices than previous Tradfri hubs Thanks for the support matterThat is, the standard adopted by Apple and Google and all the big names in technology in general: thanks to a single protocol it will be possible to communicate between devices of different brands, thus allowing greater interoperability between platforms.

Ikea Dirigera, 5/10/2022 -
Ikea Dirigera, 5/10/2022 –

IKEA DIRIGERA, the new smart hub is about to make its debut

With matter they work for example HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung SmartThings And many more. Can also be contacted through Dirig Wi-Fi e ZigBee, Further enhances its compatibility with various smart devices. Here’s one more Ethernet port and a USB-C, However, it is only used for food. Finally, it is possible to release in a launch The new smart home app from Ikea, Although nothing is known at the moment. So it’s a very interesting product that we can’t wait to try: we just have to wait for more news and above all for the official launch.

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