Instagram is accused of being responsible for the suicide of the young woman


Today, social networks are quite important, to the point of affecting people’s lives, because depending on the number of likes, comments and other numbers, people’s morale usually goes up or down. And now a coroner is blaming Instagram Due to the most serious circumstances, especially the suicide of a teenager.

The coroner investigating the girl’s death United Kingdom, Molly Russell, the girl had interactions with a large amount of the material, which ultimately had a negative effect on her when she consumed it. In view of this, the court declared that the 14-year-old girl should not have been exposed to such unregulated material, as basically she could have seen traumatic things.


According to the report, the girl used many videos related to self-harm and direct death of users that they did in their own way. Content that is sometimes not reviewed before uploading to the platform, since the rules of the site are usually applied after registration.

In the hearing, the director of the Department of Health Dr meta, Elizabeth put on, admitted that the teenager had access to content that violated the platform’s rules. And it is that things are generally not limited by age. And according to the report, at least 2,000 of the 16,000 materials he used contained suicide-related material.

The problem underlying the trial is that today these self-harming activities are romanticized, something that may not have the best positive effect on people. Even like other social networks tick tockThere are those who encourage courage, which includes suffocation until suffocation, but there have been cases where young people die.

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