The Stadia developers had no idea of ​​the platform’s death


Something unexpected was confirmed a while ago but it appears to be coming in a certain way, that is the blackout of the platform Google Stadia In the coming months and while some were confused by the news, others were even more so, given that even the developers didn’t know it was going to happen to the business. Google.

This range from its directors Bungie, Rocksteady, Necrosoft, Epic Games And more personalities of the industry, who have made themselves known especially through social networks Twitter.

Here are some comments:

The Stadia developers have created a development platform that has allowed us to continue building and testing Destiny 2 from home for the past several years. I’m sure it’s hard for a lot of people today, thank you for helping us make games.

To be fair, Google Stadia has faced terrible problems in the last 3 years, having to deal with:

– A global epidemic that forces people to turn to online entertainment.

– A shortage of graphics cards and consoles, creating a high demand for alternatives

If they hit the market at a good time

I know everyone is having a lot of fun laughing at this, but Stadia had the best development revenue of any streaming service and launching Hyper Gunsport there is going to recoup our development costs. We were launching there in November and now we are in a much more difficult situation.

Google has put in a really solid, well-motivated effort with Stadia and supported a lot of developers along the way. f

Tangle Tower was supposed to launch in Stadia in 2 days and this article is the first I’ve heard about it being closed.

Remember that Google Stadia Still active 12th January.

Through: PC gamer


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