Xbox controller leaked with new features


Something you are known for Xbox, for continuous control releases, most of them limited editions that originate as special deals with other big-name companies. And it seems that the production of the new device will not stop soon, a user reported it through the social network, in particular Twitter.

Today, users Offer Spy Run into a new control Xbox inside the amazonbears this name “Lunar Shift”. This has already been withdrawn from the catalog, therefore Microsoft It’s not ready to announce it yet, but it will bring with it some details that fans of a certain flavor in lighting might like. LED.

name “Moon Shift” This means it apparently changes color with light and movement, according to the back of the package. Equipped with a textured rotating grip, it will be a control Xbox The most elegant that exists, so platform collectors are not going to miss the opportunity to acquire it.


For now, the company has not officially shown this new control.

Through: GameRadar


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