Interpol expels 2,000 suspects in phone scam takedown

Sick of the endless stream of emails and phone calls you receive from scammers claiming to represent your bank? Amazon? Microsoft? Tax office? Police?


We sympathize – we are also sick for them, especially the landline call which can be a loved one for help or advice, and thus need to answer …

… But rarely, if ever, is there a familiar voice on the other end.

Perhaps you are one of the 40,000,000 viewers of the famous science-and-engineering YouTuber Mark Rubber’s video Pranks Scam Destroys Collars – Glitterbomb Payback?

Rober only claims how much money is something worrying but completely believable [a] A top call-center can scammers if they hit their on-target income and [b] This is how a typical call center turns out every day.

If not here’s a new video just for you! “I have 100 cockroaches here, and I put them in this James Bond-style contraption.” So you can probably imagine how things end.

While not a very-threatening result, when Rubber later released an insect inside a call center with rubber that has access to footage from its CCTV feed, the video provides a good visual indication of how hardworking and relentless these scammers are. (When their work is not driven from the pod by Roach, that is.)