iOS and iPadOS 16, big news coming (already seen on macOS) –


According to what has emerged, iOS and iPadOS 16 will soon integrate a feature requested by users and is already available in macOS. Here are all the details

The time has come for big news from Apple. The golden age of autumn is approaching – among other things – with the introduction of new ones IPhone 14. But not only that, because Cupertino OEM will also launch a global rollout of its new updated operating systems. Key changes have already been announced, but there are many more that have not yet been announced.

According to what has emerged, there will be a super news for iPadOS and iOS 16 file app (Adobe Stock)

Precisely in this context, very surprising news has come up in the last few hours. In fact, it seems iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 They will be integrated File An innovation that is already available in macOS and it will definitely make life easier for users: we are talking about fast action.

iOS and iPadOS 16, comes in quick action files

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We’re talking about Quick Action, which is already available on MacOS and will allow users to quickly and more efficiently manage all major activities (Unsplash).

With the advent of new operating systems iOS Ad iPadOS 16Users will have the opportunity to take advantage Fast action Through the app File. Just call a context menu in the software or a long tap on a single file Between the various items, Quick Actions will finally appear, followed by a submenu. Edit, rotate right, rotate left, and more.

The idea is to equate single file management Easy and within reach. In fact, with a simple tap, you can perform functions like annotating documents, rotating photos, creating PDFs, converting images, moving a background, and more. The menu is designed to be fully interactive: other items, including a submenu, will pop up as soon as a section is opened. What is left is Wait for the global rollout To examine all the possibilities of this interesting update first hand. Apple has once again proved that it knows how to hear and welcome feedback from its users.

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