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The iPhone 12 Mini is available in 64GB version, one of the most recommended devices for those who want to switch from Android to iOS.

If you are thinking Switch from Android to iOS, Know that there is a new offer that can fulfill your good intentions. We’re not talking about the iPhone SE 2022, which can open the nose because of the “old school” design and very small display, butIPhone 12 miniThe protagonist of the last hour of an important campaign Comet.

IPhone 12 Mini Offer from Comet (screenshot)

The new discount launched by the electronics chain will allow interested parties to buy the compact Apple smartphone at a higher price. 599.88 euros. This is the branded version Windtray With 64 GB of internal memory on board: Obviously the device is not bound by any barriers to operators and can be used with virtually all SIM cards.

LawComet offer Makes IPhone 12 mini Even more interesting, especially since we are talking about a smartphone that is still very current and in the best sense for those who want it. Switch from Android to iOS However, without giving up 5G connectivity (the iPhone 11 has been specifically reformed at a lower price, but only has 4G support).

iPhone 12 Mini, Features

IPhone 12 Mini Comet Offer
IPhone 12 Mini (screenshot Amazon)

Despite not having the iPhone SE 2022 and iPhone 13 series Apple A15 Bionic, the compact Apple smartphone doesn’t look bad with it at all. Apple A14 Bionic In fact, it offers an ideal solution for those looking for a pocket device to use in the summer. The notch is still an important size and the autonomy is not like the iPhone 13 Mini, but on the other hand there is a good main camera with all the power and sensors you need. 12 megapixels And ultra-wide-angle cameras of the same resolution.

The most attractive business card on a smartphone is obviously 5.4 inch AMOLED display The iPhone SE is embedded in a smaller body than the 2022, with a 4.7-inch screen.

You can buy iPhone 12 Mini 64GB Offer from Comet Just click This address: It will be possible to proceed with free shipping to your home or alternatively collect at the nearest point of sale.

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