iPhone 14 Pro, the feature that drives users crazy is finally here: here’s how it works


A perfect innovation, presented during the keynote and which literally drove users crazy. The iPhone 14 Pro can boast one more element, very attractive and discoverable in terms of functionality

i i l Smartphone market Getting ready to welcome a new great hero: we’re talkingiPhone 14. Apple’s new top-of-the-range series was presented to the general public a few days ago, with pre-orders already open and sales set to begin.

Among the many innovations introduced with the iPhone 14, there is one in particular that promises to be spectacular. But only for Pro model (screenshot)

Record numbers are expected based on the innovations presented by the Cupertino OEM There has already been some talk in the past few weeks of the continued work performed by leakers and dataminers. But there are many that are never talked about, especially one and that is only related to models 14 Pro E Pro Max. With consumers who are already crazy and can’t wait to try it.

iPhone 14 Pro, here are all the details of the new features

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Notch will be replaced by Dynamic Island, what it is and how it can be best used (Apple Screenshot)

In its novelty iPhone 14 ProIt is impossible not to start over Dynamic Island, that dynamic island. It’s a small trick that hides a big news, ie Abandon the groove. This last problem has already been discussed on several occasions in recent months, but no one has imagined such a solution. The idea was to adopt a double “peel” button, as seen on many Android devices. Instead the apple pulled the rabbit out of the hat, Makes everything dynamic.

Its advantages are numerous, and it cannot be otherwise. For example, when the camera is open, a dot lights up with an LED that turns green if the cam is active, orange if the microphone is on. More generally, it appears from the first trailers that the notch will now be functional and dynamic such as with Alerts, notifications, Face ID authentication, incoming calls, navigation And so an interface that changes and adapts according to the open app. This is a real stroke of genius, engineers and developers who managed to “hide” an annoying element above the screen Very useful material for consumers.

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