iPhone saves your life: This feature is amazing The story that shocked everyone



iPhones still amaze. There is one function that can prove incredible and vital. And the first story has already come to testify to all its possibilities

apple Being considered as one of the leading companies in the smartphone sector (and beyond). the newcomers iPhone 14 – presented a few weeks ago – is recording staggering numbers, to say the least. So much so that the California company itself had to stop pre-orders Difficulty meeting demand.

You (Canva Photo)
You (Canva Photo)

A success achieved and above all Thanks for the great news This new generation of iPhone has been introduced. Starting from the design with its insertion moving island, Instead of boring groove, but not only. There are some features that are part of the operating system that take advantage of the latest technology and may reveal themselves in the data sheet Of vital importance. Above all one, as evidenced by recent events.

iPhone 14, a function saves a user’s life: what happened

iphone 14 20221204 cellulari.it
There is already a first-hand testimony demonstrating its incredible effectiveness (Unsplash).

Among the many features introduced with it iPhone 14 From Apple, it’s worth mentioning Satellite emergency communications service. The latter allows you to send an instant SOS to get help in case of trouble, even in remote areas and where the network is weak or absent. Just a few days ago, the first incident took place to testify the effectiveness of the tool. was a user Alaska is gone. Around 2 a.m. on December 1, the latter was on a snowmobile when, due to an inconvenience, he was forced to activate SOS.

There was no connection to the network in the area, but thanks to the satellite they arrived immediately GPS coordinates rescuers. The man was quickly brought to safety without injury or damage. Law enforcement agencies were reportedly surprised by both the accuracy and completeness of the information provided with the initial report.

As explained by Apple, you have to do with digital emergency communications Answer some quick questions, Designed to facilitate the work of rescuers. A tool that works thanks to a new chip designed in partnership Globalstar E Cobham Satcom. Starting in December, the whole thing should debut as well in europe. And the amazing thing is that there are no extra costs, it’s all free!


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