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Negli scorsi giorni, è spuntato rete un prototipo di iPhone mai visto prima ea dir poco strano. Ecco tutti i dettagli a riguardo

Il 2007 è Considered one of the most important for how the smartphone resides. What motivates? Venne present and lanci sul mercato The first iPhone of the story, The idea that one of the best portfolios in the world would be more recognizable to the world. Find out what an iPhone looks like, too, thanks to its design.

iphone concept 20220510 cellulari.it
Spunta a primitive concept of quello which sareebbe potuto essere l’iPhone lanciato nel 2007 (screenshot)

Ma il concept di base è stato semper lo stesso? Assolutamente no. First of all the final solution, Cupertino’s OEM portal in the race A series of different prototypes e che oggi risultano essere a dir poco strani. Uno in particles, with the images that make the circus proprio negle ultimate giorgia.

Spunta a prototype on the iPhone

iphone concept 20220510 cellulari.it
The images show an iPod tilt, with the possibility of rooting to far compare numeric numbers. Well done, Apple decides to opt for the touch screen that we all know (screenshot)

È Status l’ex membro del team di sviluppo dell ‘iPod Tony Fadell publishes images of what it was like to have a concept concept in consideration for the first iPhone launch. Come if you can see, the disposition is present with a flexible ghiera and with all the specific types of allora diffusissimi Apple’s musical reproduction. There is also an integrated photo camera, with a combination of colors that can be added to the original model as well as the first model on the iPhone.

Ideas at the base were dunque quella di uni ipod, face to face rootare inferior device to transform into a smartphone with numerica test. A vero e proprio reproduttore musical with the caratteristiche typiche un un telephone. However, the concept of bocciato, proprio per via delhi ghiera is flexible. Steve Jobs and his team decided to opt for a touch display Operating system based on MacOSX, It is said that a woman who gives birth to one of the most iconic products of the story.


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