Is TikTok Banned? Applications may be blocked, users panic



A surprising news that directly affects TikTok. Is there a risk of app blocking? Users are already panicking and waiting to understand what might happen in the coming months

tick tock Has long been established as one of the reference social networks. Millions of people log into the platform every day Bytedance, whether it’s posting content or following your favorite creators. A success Despite attempts at imitation by the competition that seems likely to last longer.

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A news that has become a talking point and has already shocked users. Looks like TikTok is at risk of being blocked immediately (Adobe Stock)

But there is no shortage of controversy surrounding Chinese social networks. especially United States, where the hard punch from the administration continues when it comes to managing user data. Now there is another piece of news that has already alarmed users: TikTok may be blocked forever.

Block TikTok? Here’s what’s happening on the platform

New problem for tick tock, this time more serious than expected. The platform risks being blocked forever, or at least that’s what the US regime hopes. He spoke about it Brendan CarrOne of the five members FCC Council. The agency in question is tasked with regulating all telecommunications on American soil, including the Internet. “There is no other option but to kick the app out of the US market” he explained, referring to user data management.

tiktok 20221107
Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening and what the ByteDance platform might face. We’ll Talk About It Again (Adobe Stock)

Carr addressed directly Council of Foreign Investment digly stati uniti, which is the only agency that has the right to intervene to evaluate TikTok’s possible definitive exclusion from American soil. The topic has been catching on for some time, so much so that ByteDance is doing a study of its own Possible solution To avoid disastrous consequences.

Among other things, there is an ongoing discussion with the White House. The idea is to host all American user data Oracle owned servers. In this way, the moving to china, Dispelling any suspicions that the Chinese government might be implementing espionage by exploiting TikTok’s own traffic on US soil. We will see how the situation develops next month


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