It looks like a white Xbox Series X is coming soon Atomics


Through collaborations and special events, Xbox Series X|S It has received a series of special editions over the nearly two years it has been on the market. However, fans have complained about the lack of cosmetic options available to the general public. luckily, It seems this may change soon.

Currently, you can only find a black Xbox Series X, which doesn’t compare to the sheer number of options offered by the Switch, or even the PS5. However, during a recent commercial by Logitech, You can see that the Microsoft console now has a white toneSomething that has excited more than one person.

It is important to mention The white Xbox Series X has not been officially announced, and this could very well be a change made by Logitech for their commercial. However, considering that an Elite 2 controller of this shade is already on sale, the possibility of a new model of this console soon cannot be ruled out.

On a related note, Xbox is still not selling well in Japan. Similarly, the Xbox library is renewed.


Editor’s note:

When considering the history of the Xbox, there aren’t many cases of alternate colors for their consoles. Outside of special editions, base models always retain a similar tone, or at least without any noticeable changes. I expect this to change with the Series X, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

Via: Logitech

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