Italian influencers, here are our kids’ stratospheric earnings that will make you pale


DeRev, a digital strategy, communication and marketing company, publishes an analysis on the earnings of Italian influencers, revealing some details of a “universe” dotted with rising heroes who have turned their hobbies into professions and around which a persuasive group gravitates. Thousands of managers and organizations. Here are the results of the study.

The study on Italian influence income was conducted and published by digital strategy firm DeRev –

Often the term leads to disputes and clashes of opinion: who is a “influencer“? What does he do? What is the “social value” of it? And how much can you earn as an influencer? After all, the next question that Neapolitan Digital Strategy Company drev An attempt has been made to provide an answer by evaluating the available data 2021 He was born 2022.

It is easy to tell who an influencer is and what he does: he is a user or a user of the social platform he creates ContentUsually in a particularly laborious manner, A large number of people follow Which it tackles in a very different way by sharing its interests, passions and skills and aptitudes

and determines the amount of people following his account “Impact” level Who exercises them: The more followers, the more power they have to influence their thoughts and actions. And here then they fit Companies and companies All kinds with the goal of engaging such influencers Testimonial of its products and services. Which, being advertising, generates profit. Yes, but how many?

DeRev’s research on the earnings of Italian influencers

DeRev Influencer Italia 21 July 2022
From column 1 to column 4, here is DeRev’s research data based on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube platforms –

He does not mention names and titles, but DeRev describes them in detail main features This market sector which in Italy, as in the world, continues its trend expansion. And it compares the major social platforms that local influencers operate on, with a special focus Facebookinstagram, YouTube E tiktok

Dominant markets mostly grow YouTube Which, in the last year, shows a surge 60%. Then follow Instagram one with +33% e tick tock one with +22%While “suffering” from Ben’s (temporary?) decline. -35% Its social network Facebook.

and now me earnings. The overall statistics are really dizzying: levels WorldwideThe turnover generated by the sector in 2021 good 13.8 billion euroswhich one 280 million Produced only in Italy, with growth – reported by Il Sole 24 ore, del +15% compared to the previous year.

Dominants on the other hand are classified as “nano” (tra i 3 ed i 10mila followers) a celebrity (more than 1 million to more than 5 million) on its platform FacebookAn influencer is considered to have more than 3 million followers and in this case, he will be able to get among them 3 and 5,000 euros per post. they are YouTubeOn the other hand, it is enough (but not so easy…!) to exceed a million followers and in this case, a content can be paid up to its stratospheric image. 80.000 euros.

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