James Cameron gave a message to the potential trolls of Avatar 2


One of its most anticipated film projects 2022 It is without a doubt Avatar: The Way of the Water, That film was planned more than 10 years ago James Cameron. And now, little by little we are moving towards the premiere, the director has made statements on two specific issues, some of which are related to its duration.

It was ensured that the tape would no longer last and would not last less than three hours, something that could be a problem for people who are not accustomed to sitting in a movie hall for so long. And the director already expects alert viewers who can comment on the matter, making sure there are longer products.

I don’t want to hear anyone complain about the length of the film, when they usually spend eight hours watching a series of episodes of any series.

I can already imagine that critics say that watching such a long film is painful. I watched my kids watch five episodes of the series, one hour each. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Instead, he spoke of people who would criticize the plot:

Trolls will say that no one gives a damn and they can’t remember the character’s name or a horrible thing that happened on the tape. Then they go back to the movie and say, ‘Oh, okay, forgive me, I’m silent right now.’ So I’m not worried about it.


Cameron A lot of work has been done Avatar: The path of water, So it is somewhat understandable that he wants to defend the project, which took decades to succeed. But that’s not all, from within 2024 The next part of this story will come, which, as a comment, is far from ending with just a trilogy.

The premiere of the film will be seen 15 December Theater.

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