They potentially signal that Shrek 5 is in production


Currently, it is one of the most favorite tapes in the world of animation ShrekThe franchise that started the year 2001 And since then he has released three sequels. However, it was 2010 When we see the conclusion of the story, and now a formula has emerged that can take us to a new chapter of our favorite Ogreti.

The excitement of the new fans has crossed the line Tweets Own Dream workWho has released a small GIF so you can see the protagonist Dulok And their little ones. In it, several characters whose names begin with the letter F are mentioned, but there was no specific formula other than to wait for the story.

Here you can check it out:

F is Fiona, Fergus, Farkle, Felicia, Family, Far Far Away … Shall we continue?

Probably to see how many people are interested in that publication Shrek 5After all, along with generating the unknown among the fans Dream work Has not released any new projects. Not much was said about when his sequel was confirmed. Cat boots, The franchise which coincidentally is a spin off of Ogre stories.

shrek-1200 × 675

In news related to the world of animation. Finally the first trailer of the new movie was released Ninja Turtle, Which gives an interesting redesign for the main characters of the work. If you would like to view the full note, we invite you to click on the following Link.

Via: DreamWorks Jr.


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