JustEat: Be careful to choose this time, your order may not arrive



JustEat is one of the most used food delivery platforms in Italy. But watch when you decide to make a schedule. If you choose this time, your order may not arrive

i i l provide food It is a well-established solution that boasts new users every day. The pandemic has fueled the emergency, but also many restaurants that have signed up to various platforms that operate home delivery services. just think Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Glovo or JustEat.

Ordinare su Just Eat (web source)
Ordinare su Just Eat (web source)

This last fact is most appreciated by citizens living in Italy. A can be accessed Long list of clubs Segmented by food type with lots of promotions and delivery at very low (or even zero) cost. But pay attention to one thing in particular: if you order at this time, You may not get what you pay for.

JustEat, don’t order at this time or you risk not getting anything

If you are interested in creating one Order on JustEat, there are a few things you should know before completing the task. Once you select the restaurant and food to buy, you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your personal, delivery and payment data. Once that’s done, it’s decision time during delivery

JustEat 20221108
JustEat (Screenshot)

Here you get two options: “as soon as possible” or something Reference time band. By choosing the former, you will actually be ‘controlling’ the restaurant, which may take longer than expected. While with the selected band, the courier will arrive on time, barring unforeseen circumstances.

There is an indication to better understand how full a restaurant is usually and when it can deliver orders Average delivery time. The latter is calculated by JustEat based on seats and time slots. that is unlike valuableWhich has been confirmed by the restaurant and received via email

In general, however, choosing “as soon as possible” is not recommended. In fact there are several reviews on the net, which testify bad experience In this sense. For example, a user on TripAdvisor reported that they ordered a pizza without specifying the time. At least after communication An hour of waiting, the latter first attempted to contact the pizzeria to receive the order. Not only did the restaurant explain that earlier pizza delivery was not possible, but it would not be guaranteed Not even the wait time. This is precisely because, with delivery as soon as possible, the restaurant is given (almost) complete choice.


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