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After several years of waiting and countless rumours, it was confirmed konami has assigned the rights to its iconic horror story to various developers and industry figures to develop new entertainment experiences, both in the field of video games and on the big screen.

At this time digital events are called Silent Hill TransmissionIt is said to be successful Silent Hill 2 Released in 2001, there will be a remake by Blubber TeamA studio that has participated in horror productions viz level of fear, Blair Witch y medium. The title in question will reach the personal computer and be exclusive to it PlayStation 5 For twelve months after premiere.

Among its innovations, not only the graphic improvements will be different, but the gameplay and camera approach will be very similar. Resident Evil 2 Remake; The combat system and puzzle solving will be completely revamped thanks to technology Unreal Engine 5; and shall be consistent with the effectiveness of controls dualsense and the PS5.

Fortunately, for fans of the series, It’s wonderful y Akira YamaokaComprised of Art Director and Musical Composer respectively, Blubber works hand in hand with the team to take care of even the smallest details and this is not only a great opportunity for this video game to attract Gamer of the past but to position itself among new audiences.

For his part, he revealed Silent Hill FA game sponsored by Neobirds EntertainmentThe creative team behind Resident Evil Re:Verse, included in the multiplayer Resident Evil Village. The setting will be set in Japan in the 1960s and the story will be written Ryukishi07Famous author of Japanese novels that mix plots of mystery, murder and psychological thriller.

Also its producer Dr spin-off es Motoi Okamotowith whom it was associated in the past Nintendo To work at Luigi’s Mansion, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walkerpikmin, New Super Mario Bros and Wii Play, to name a few.

Not enough, landing A quiet hill townwhich wants to bet on a narrative adventure entrusted to its genius No signalThe same ones are pregnant observation y The story is untoldWhen it is published by Annapurna is interactive.

The cinema world will finally witness a horror film Return to Silent Hillwhich will be led by Christoph Ganswho had already done the same with the first film in 2006, which was not so warmly received, but was not as unfortunate. Silent Hill: Revelation 3DSix years later.

Video platform for streaming They also wear long tablecloths, since some of them will be in charge of infection Silent Hill AscensionAn interactive series calms fans’ worries and generates more fraud Around the resurgence of depressed intellectual property.

konami Worked to announce the revival of the franchise in style silent hillIt took a great strategy by taking advantage of the Halloween month and granting multi-quote licensing rights to different studios, opening up the possibility of further collaborations with other successful brands owned by the company in the future.

In media and commercial fields, sony managed to get another temporary monopoly for PlayStation 5 Just as it has done with other games recently, which will undoubtedly give the traditional exclusivity battle something to talk about. Similarly, it will be interesting to know which platforms will welcome the debut Silent Hill F y A quiet hill townMore details of which will be released soon.


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