Latest Whatsapp: Finally they are here, new crazy features for users



A year ago, more or less today, brilliant idea. An idea to revolutionize the diverse world of WhatsApp, and the groups that crowd the world’s most famous instant messaging application in a sesquipedale way.

At this point, there’s no doubt that the app entered the extended Facebook family in 2014, which has evolved over the years into Meta, the only light that’s a little darker than Mark in the ecosystem’s own light. Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp Community - 20221104
WhatsApp Community –

Thus, the man who actually invented social media rode the tidal wave. Which after a year of working is ready to show again miraculously. WhatsApp is about to change. Radical Through groups of parents of your children’s school, through work groups, relatives and friends from fantasy football, football, former school companies and family, friends from the country and anyone who needs to have money for gifts. And the more you have, the more you keep. WhatsApp communities are coming

A “team of teams”

Mark Zuckerberg is throwing it straight. The new features will begin rolling out to users worldwide, with everything available to everyone next month. The community feature was announced earlier this year and WhatsApp has tested it in various areas. This major feature update will enable people to connect to groups on WhatsApp.

Basically, it’s like a group of groups and sending a message to a single community will reach all participants in each group. WhatsApp Community is a tool that aims to bring neighborhoods, parents in schools and workplaces together in one place.

WhatsApp Community - 20221104
WhatsApp Community –

Users will be able to link multiple groups together under the same community to organize group conversations WhatsApp. A one-year, capillary work, passed through several editions beta, With over 50 organizations in 15 countries, aiming to build community. precisely To get started, users can tap on the new Community tab: For Android, the new feature will be visible at the top of Chat on Android; Instead of iOS it will be below. Regardless of the operating system of this or that mobile, WhatsApp users will be able to start a new community from scratch or add to existing groups.

once inside community, Users can easily switch between available groups to get the information they need, and administrators can send important updates to everyone in the community.


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