LG Rollable, an amazing project: smartphone video that wraps around itself is unique


LG He went full blast to bring back A line of devices that it had in the past Decided to leave To make room for others Device type. mother now what do you havenTend to suggest them again, what would you do differently?

Later we will definitely see some sensational products – Computermagazine.it

The product, or perhaps the device, we are going to talk about LG Rollable, and is considered one of the company’s most innovative projects focusing on the smartphone segment. The devices in this range are shortly before launch which, in all likelihood, could make the device more expensive funnySo one can only appreciate the concept in question.

However, his presentation follows CES 2021, not everything went according to the designers’ plan. It was suspended after it closed, or as far as we know was sold to the employees, but the truth is project He did not see the light as he had hoped. But some news has been leaked stay there help To understand the true future of this line of electronic products.

LG’s new idea

LG Rollable, an amazing project: smartphone video that wraps around itself is unique
LG wants to offer new devices – Computermagazine.it

Shortly thereafter he left without warning Video hands-on Which shows the LG Rollable and the ability to change the form factor thanks to the rollable display. The product, from what you can see, may take the form of a smartphone screen By unrolling the panel it is completely folded, as well as a small tablet. From perspective, continuing, we can see that both extension and closure of the screen can be controlled by and through software. the key hardware. A few seconds of video, however, is enough to give an idea of ​​the device’s potential.

In any case, it is certain that, for now, the LG Rollable will never see the light, but that does not mean that special department from product With which it cannot include other important indicators of the future. There is no shortage of companies that have shown they believe in smartphones with rollable screens Apo, and surely LG will come up with something to improve the quality of its phones and devices. There are those who believe that the rollable cell phone could be a natural evolution Current folding, especially in the scenario that they are able to do Creases are invisible What set them apart initially.

At present, it would be better for us to wait so that we can all assess what makes the most sense to do at this point. Which will take some time to release new product Sure, but the mere fact that they thought about how to improve them – with this fact in mind May be released in the future – either A good startAs a result we better evaluate what they have to offer us later.

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