Marvel has negotiated the rights to the X-Men theme song


Many fans have noticed something quite characteristic in recent movies and series MarvelAnd that uses classic musical themes X is human In production like Dr. Strange 2 y Ms. Marvel. And although many believe that this tune belongs to DisneyThey are really wrong, because they had to give a lot of rights.

Note that these rights were purchased primarily for the show X-Men 97What we saw a few years ago will continue to happen in the end.

This is what the consultant commented Eric LewaldRegarding the acquisition of items:

The theme song for X-Men: The Animated Series wasn’t necessarily a deal when they were developing the new show. Rights were everywhere. I think a secondary person had the rights to the music, so it was a discussion for them. Obviously, you can’t do a new show without that song.

But the guy who sold it knew the same thing, so I’m sure it was a high price.

The series will premiere in September 2023 inside Disney Plus.

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