Mechanical keyboard with 12.6″ touchscreen: PhysiHP K2


Luxury input device with additional display

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If you still don’t have enough screens on your desk, check out this keyboard: it comes with an integrated touchscreen and can make your gaming, streaming or content creation experience even more enjoyable. However, so much luxury has its price.

Ficihp K2 is a keyboard 65 percent format with Integrated touch screen. It measures 12.6 inches and can be used as an additional screen. It has a resolution of 1,920 x 550 pixels, a frame rate of 60 Hz and an aspect ratio of approximately 37:10. This is because the screen spans the full width of the keyboard. You can adjust the screen backlight in fifteen different ways and freely choose the brightness. It requires no additional software, which should be quite a pleasure to use.

Ficihp must have taken some inspiration for the K2 from the Asus Zenbook Duo. Gadgets like the Elgato StreamDeck or Loopedacks (compared here) are also becoming increasingly popular. So why not a keyboard with an integrated display directly, right?

Photo: Ficihp

The keyboard connects to the PC via USB-C and doesn’t have a built-in battery, so it’s Only usable with one cable. Also, two additional devices can be connected to the Ficihp K2 via USB-A. It is designed in ANSI layout, such as the small enter key and all the other features that go with it. Due to the 65 percent format, the top function key and the side number block are missing.

Available with three MX style switches

is switched Not hot-swappable, So you have to decide on a variant before buying it. There are three variations with the MX style to choose from: Gateron Reds, Gateron Browns And Gateron Blues. Overall, the Ficihp K2 weighs around 1.4 kilograms and measures 33.5 x 23.4 x 3 cm in size.

Due to the luxurious equipment, especially the touchscreen, the FiCHP is quite expensive: the price is 360 dollars. In German speaking Amazon-Shop Keyboard is also listed, but not currently available. If you don’t mind the American keyboard layout, you can definitely choose this one.


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