Meta income gets a significant drop



falling target

Social networks are currently a fairly complex market, given that Facebook It lost a portion of its audience, which moved to other platforms viz tick tock. And now the company meta (which includes FB, WhatsApp and Instagram) reported a big annual drop in revenue, the first since the company changed its name.

The company reported $28.022 million in revenue, and while that sounds like a lot of money, it’s $1 billion less than they last bought. This may be due to the fact that some users prefer to use other competing sites, as the interface menus gradually become more complicated to use.

The real reason is that Facebook changed its name to Meta

Among the main reasons they use as justifications are persistent inflation that seems to have no break, plus war. Russia opposite Ukraine, as the site has been disabled in one of these countries This can be added apple Using in-app ads has made it a difficult task to deal with.

Given this, they saw Reel As a solution to their problem, thus competing directly against their biggest rival, tick tockThis is noted in the new implementation added Instagram. Despite the circumstances, Mark Zuckerberg remains positive, indicating that the metaverse may be stable.

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