Microsoft invests in Korean blockchain gaming company




Today the NFT issues have calmed down somewhat, due to the verification that this business may not be entirely favorable, even for companies Square Enix They are no longer interested in investing. However, other large entities viz Microsoft They may be a bit curious and this has led them to invest a little.

Company He was tall announced that it has received about $46 million from various companies, including the parent company, in a new round of investment Xbox. Still, it’s unclear how much of that $46 million can be attributed MicrosoftStates that it has been successful in attracting new capital on favorable terms from foreign strategic investors.

He was tall is established 2000 And develop games for it pc and mobile devices. His most notable franchise Legend of Mir, A series of MMORPGs for PC and mobile devices. It recently launched its own blockchain mainnet Wemmicks 3.0, described as a “platform-based, service-based mega-ecosystem”.

A mainnet is a fully developed and deployed blockchain network where cryptocurrency transactions can be transmitted, verified and recorded.

It also has its own NFT auction site and plans to launch its own economic platform that supports NFTs and DAOs. With this investment, its announcement Microsoft If you don’t want to enter this business, you may cancel. So his own Phil Spencer He commented at the time that he did not like the inclusion of pay-to-win technology.

For now, there is no further word on this matter.

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