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Apparently, Google’s Notepad smartphone, the company’s first foldable Pixel phone, will be very concrete next month. There is new information inside.

Again, a well-known insider goes public and published Here are some details about Google’s upcoming Pixel Notepad. Recently the leaks have piled up again. It’s visually identical to the Pixel 7, so it won’t have its own look despite the new device category. I personally think this is a good thing. Decisions about the front camera differ.

No front camera for a bigger display?

Google is supposed to do without a camera inside. There is probably no front camera when the smartphone is unlocked. This is different from the front outer display, which we use when it is closed. Like the Pixel 5, Pixel 6, and Pixel 7, there should be an in-display camera.

Google Pixel Notepad Graphics

The interior speaks of an extremely small camera in the smartphone’s “housing frame”. At this point, however, it’s unclear exactly what that might mean. Perhaps a camera for the inside, but built into the screen frame?

Here’s what’s known about the Pixel Notepad so far:

  • Foldable with a large display inside
  • Screen Diagonal: About 5.8 inches outside, 7 – 8 inches inside
  • Price should be below the competition
  • Probably with Google Tensor
  • Pixel 6 series camera setup; Pixel 6 front camera; No front camera for internal display
  • Pixel 7 theme
  • Market launch unknown, postponed several times

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