Nail users of social networks, here they are vulnerable to any profile, the reason is clear



We are talking about social networks, a term that has multiple applications that have literally changed people’s lives, from a personal and relationship perspective, and from a work perspective. According to many experts, the first social network was MySpace, founded in 2003 by an American student with the intention of creating a social platform for budding musicians.

But there it is 2006 The turning point came with the global expansion of social networks that really changed history facebook, Platform designed by Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum and Eduardo Saverin, Designed primarily for students enrolled at Harvard University. Around the same time, Twitter emerged, born as the idea of ​​communicating short messages to more people – the same length as text messages.

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when Instagram and TikTok Currently in the “ribs” of Facebook, very few people know Twitter It was the social network that exploded virtually simultaneously with the platform created by Zuckerberg and his university colleagues. It was Jack Dorsey, along with his two colleagues Evan Williams and Biz Stone, who created a platform for sharing short messages – the length of which was 140 characters, same as text message.

Twitter will ask for users’ dates of birth to track sensitive content

As we know, social networks are constantly evolving from their appearance, and Update They are a very important part to share with users. Apps make people participate in social experiences more and more to follow the needs and changing times.

Check for sensitive content
Verification for Sensitive Content (Canva)

Twitter He’s been cornered a bit by other social networks in recent years, but he’s got it At the same time it retains its identity And its important niche, until relaunched in recent months, thanks News of billionaire Elon Musk’s upcoming purchase. And it is news that has received particular attention in recent weeks that social networks will be at the forefront of sharing bloody or violent content.

Twitter does not allow subscriptions Under 13 years of age. The interest of the social network, they inform the company, is to increase its management Content considered sensitive, Controlled by notifications when your bulletin board contains particularly explicit videos or photos; This notification now allows a single user to decide whether or not to open reported content. Now you’re going more and more in the direction you’re going Check for protection Those who don’t want and don’t want to be subjected to some sensitive content.

You may not include violent, hateful, or adult content in highly visible areas on Twitter, including live videos, profiles, headlines, list banner images, or community banner images. If you share this content on Twitter, You must mark your account as sensitive. It places images and videos behind an interstitial (or warning) message, which must be recognized before viewing your media files. Using this feature means that people who don’t want to watch sensitive media can skip them or make an informed decision before watching them.”The official profile explains the company.

To mark a user’s media as sensitive, the account holder must go Security settings and select the option Mark your tweet media as material that may be sensitive. If you don’t mark your media as sensitive, Twitter will manually flag content for review To help users avoid being subjected to images that may offend their sensibilities, the platform will ask users to verify their date of birth, which will remain in place for now. “Self-certified” mode And it is not yet known whether it will start in some areas or globally.


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