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Netatmo presents a new air meter, a product undoubtedly directed to those who are particularly concerned about their own and others’ well-being.

Netatmo, 5/10/2022 -
Netatmo, 5/10/2022 –

As reported by, on the occasion of the recent lighting and building fair held in Frankfurt, Germany, the company announced Pro version of its Smart Air Quality Meter. It is, as is easily understood, a more performance variant of the same device, specially designed for specific environments such as public places and offices, for example. Schools, doctor’s offices And so the new products of the French company undoubtedly correspond to new requests, needs and sensitivities covid global, Exploded almost three years ago now. It is actually a real-time air quality meter, and records essential live data eg Ambient temperature, humidity, room noise level Where it is located and beyond. It is actually able to record in moments CO2 levels, Carbon dioxide, present in the environment, and when we find ourselves in a “dangerous” situation, a warning light goes off, especially for concentrations above 1,200 parts per million (ppm).

Netatmo, 5/10/2022 -
Netatmo, 5/10/2022 –

NETATMO PRO, the new air quality meter: also allows energy savings

Netatmo explains: “This allows students, teachers and staff to intervene immediately in case of high concentrations of CO2. It is also possible to provide a QR code at the entrance of each room that allows each user to know the indoor air quality with a simple click”. Here’s another Dashboard online In which it is possible to set personalized alerts or perhaps consult the measurement reports of the sensors installed in the building, thanks to reports that can be weekly or monthly. It is a useful device in perspective energy saving, Because thanks to this you can check if a radiator has been on for longer than necessary or if perhaps an open window has been forgotten. The company also announced the prospectReduce expenses by 10 percent Just take into account the various activities of the environment. The price and availability have not been disclosed, but those who want can “spawn” for the domestic version on sale for 119 euros on Amazon.

Netatmo Air Quality Meter
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